Blog: Standardization – Why should you care?

A deep dive into strategic imperatives for consideration which include operational efficiencies, resource optimization, business innovation and a great customer experience.

How Red Hat Integration with SECTION6 DevOps helps make SmartGate even smarter

Join Grant as he explains free open source software vs purchasing a support subscription.

Video: Red Hat Enterprise Linux vs Free Linux Alternatives

Zeb takes you through why Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the best option for commercial Linux use.

Video: Free to Subscription Fee (a simple explanation)

Join Grant as he explains free open source software vs purchasing a support subscription.

Video: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2+1 Promotion

Learn about the latest RHEL promotion from Red Hat. Buy a 3 year subscription and get a year for free.

Blog: Helping Partners Grow

Recently, I came across an interesting article that had me thinking about “Helping Partners Grow” and what’s in it for my partner eco-system.

Webinar: Windows Containers on Red Hat OpenShift – Technical Update

If you missed our recent webinar about Windows Containers on Red Hat OpenShift here it is.

Blog: “Machine Learning Remediation as a Service” with Red Hat Insights

Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes one key feature that no other enterprise OS on the market provides out of the box and that feature is “Red Hat Insights”.

Video: Red Hat Renewals Intelligence Dashboard

The Red Hat Renewals Intelligence Dashboard gives insights into upcoming renewals and trends for Red Hat Partners and Distributors.

Video: Modern Infrastructure with Managed Services (CCSP)

Learn about Red Hat’s Certified Cloud and Service Provider (CCSP) program and what infrastructure you need as a CCSP.

Automating your Windows devices

Learn about managing your Windows infrastructure using Red Hat Ansible Platform.


Kick-start your partner journey with Ready Steady Grow

Ready Steady Grow has been designed for Red Hat partners wishing to learn more about Red Hat, our Partner Program and how to fast-track to success. If you’re just starting your journey with us, building a pipeline or have an opportunity to close, this single view of partner tools, training, and resources will help you on your way. Get everything you need to build your Red Hat practice in one place. Learn more about the program on Partner Content Hub .

If you would like to become a Red Hat Partner and open your partnership for success – learn more here 

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Build and operate a scalable automation system.


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