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In my previous post I mentioned that standardisation is imperative, and highlighted two key benefits; that is, focusing on one operating system across the organisation helps to reduce costs, whilst also achieving innovation.  

Let’s now take a deeper dive into this, and look at the other benefits of standardisation, which include operational efficiencies, resource optimisation, business innovation, and a great customer experience.  

Operational Efficiency 

RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) addresses complexity by providing control, confidence, and flexibility. We achieve control with built-in security and manageability to run mission-critical workloads on a stable, high-performing platform which requires 42% less IT staff time, and 74% less unplanned downtime. This means organisations can achieve 44% faster deployment of new applications and features. *

Resource Optimisation 

All Red Hat customers can enjoy access to shared knowledge. After all, sharing knowledge and being open is the open-source way. We then ensure proactive security updates that optimise your environment, so you get the best from your subscription, and yes, our flexibility with multi-platform support remains a focus. 

Business Innovation

RHEL is the foundation for modern application development which allows you the adaptability to build your workloads in any environment. RHEL is certified to run any application that is relevant to the conversation. Once you have a solid foundation, RHEL provides the freedom to innovate with access to container technologies, the latest stable development tools, and ongoing technology advancements. 

Improved Customer Experience 

RHEL enhances flexibility to integrate customer data from multiple sources and instils confidence that data is secured. We work with partners to deliver multi-vendor technologies and solutions that meet your needs and requirements. RHEL also includes “Insights” which provides a consistent means of enforcing security policies and expands your infrastructure to stay up to date on a broad range of vulnerabilities. Finally, we pride ourselves on a unique customer experience and our support model has been nothing short of world class as voted by our partners and customers. 

Bringing it together 

Another consideration would be based on security and compliance, a major area of focus, no matter where an organisation is in their digital journey. Through this process of IT evolution, be that on premise, in the cloud or both, the mix of existing infrastructure and incorporating new technology to meet current and future demand can be challenging. RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) provides security as part of our offering to customers. We do this with a consistent experience from the beginning by providing a secure foundation for existing applications and the adoption of emerging technology on any infrastructure.  

What you get is an OS that can be adopted and installed on bare metal, virtual, container and on any cloud provider. Security is then baked into RHEL and allows for automated and security controls to alleviate risks of being exposed to vulnerabilities. In addition, a RHEL subscription includes current and up to date patches to ensure your environment is secure with little to no downtime. In relation to compliance, RHEL allows for the effective implementation of compliance standards. These compliance standards built into RHEL have passed government and regulated standards. 

Developers can enjoy our feature rich product as we have allowed for the support and enablement of secure software lifecycle development practices to avoid/prevent security flaws. This is done with a secure baseline image for applications, end to end encryption and secure build processes.  

Our approach is simple, avoid or mitigate risk if you can or where possible in your infrastructure choice. RHEL also includes “Insights” which provides a consistent means of enforcing security policies and expands your infrastructure to stay up to date on a broad range of vulnerabilities. 

We are the open-source leader helping businesses like yours to consume open-source tech securely. We also help address the talent and skills gap by providing the tools, tech, training, support to all businesses. We have a team of dedicated engineers to monitor, identify and inform customers of risks.  

I hope you enjoyed reading this note as much as I have enjoyed putting this together. Stayed Tuned for my next blog. 

* Source: RHE MidMarket Sales Messaging Playbook. (2019). Red Hat and DSG Consulting: 

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  1. Grant Cleary

    Great article Grant DP, keep them coming mate!


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