Deal Registration for Renewals

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What is Deal Registration?

Red Hat’s Deal Registration Program is designed to provide approved Ready, Advanced and Premier Partners with the ability to accrue additional benefits when a Partner identifies “New” Red Hat business opportunities (deals over $10K USD) or “Renewal” Red Hat business opportunities (any value). All Deal Registrations need to be submitted via Partner Center: 

Why does Deal Registration for Renewals matter?

Deal Registration for renewals allows the incumbent partner to keep the business with their customer by providing discounts on the renewal and protection if another partner does still manage to get the deal.

Deal Registration Discounts
As a partner you will receive discounts on the purchase of Red Hat products if a Deal Registration is accepted. It’s up to the partner to either pass this additional discount onto the customer to be competitive or make more margin on the deal.

Deal Protection
Deal Protection is a percentage discount offered to partners if they lose the registered deal to another Red Hat reseller partner who didn’t register the deal but booked the order with Red Hat or Red Hat books the order directly.

The deal protection is calculated on the actual amount that the deal is booked with Red Hat. Once the deal protection amount is approved by Red Hat, partners can offset the available value as a discount for their next Red Hat purchase.

How do I see upcoming renewals?

Deal registration for renewals needs to be entered at least 60 days before the renewal is due. Luckily Red Hat provides a simple and powerful tool to allow partners to have forward visibility of their renewals. 

Renewals Intelligence is a platform designed to put renewals data and insights at the fingertips of our business partners. The platform houses a stand-alone suite of dashboards that combine Salesforce data with Red Hat’s latest insights to offer distributors and partners a complete picture of their renewals business with Red Hat. Renewals Intelligence offers predictive analytics through it’s InfraRed feature giving distributors and partners the ability to see beyond and improve their renewals business through cross-sell!

The Renewals Dashboard can be found via Partner Center:

Partner Eligibility for Deal Registration

All Ready, Advanced and Premier Partners are eligible to apply for the Red Hat Deal Registration Program. 

  • For active Advanced and Premier Partners a relationship must be in place, including a business plan.
  • Ready partners do not need a business plan, but should have an active partner center account.
  • If you are not an existing Red Hat partner, you must register for Red Hat partnership before you can enter a Deal Registration. Register via partner connect:

Deal registration for Renewals is open to all incumbent partners (Including Premier, Advanced and Ready) who register at least 60 days prior to the renewal start date.

And the partner must complete Red Hat Sales Specialist – Red Hat Enterprise Linux II accreditation via the Red Hat training portal. The accreditation requirement is: 

  • 2 people per ABP/Premier partner
  • 1 person per Ready partner.

For more information on Red Hat Deal Registration, Red Hat Partnership or how we can help protect and grow your Red Hat business; reach out to the Red Hat team at Ingram Micro NZ.


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