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 P Over the last few weeks, I’ve had a good think about this blog. I’ve thought about specific challenges and current conversations with partners. I also thought about a specific product focus, but I will park that till we meet in person.

Recently, I came across an interesting article that had me thinking about “Helping Partners Grow” and what’s in it for my partner eco-system.

Questions that came to mind were, “what’s in it for me?” if I was a partner. What are the operational challenges I can solve for customers and partners? How do I align these top priorities for my audience? The first notable point I would like to address is that our partner eco-system is growing in the market and the interest on our product portfolio is healthy, which means we have a compelling story to show and tell.

When we refer to the “what’s in it for me?”, according to the experts at IDC, the market value is $82 billion and will grow to $119 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of 11.5%. This means that for every $1 of revenue made by Red Hat, the eco-system will make $21.74.*

My second point is the value of Containers with Red Hat OpenShift, so why is this valuable to you? When we talk to partners and customers about OpenShift, the conversation leads to moving monolithic application architecture to microservices, which allows greater development efficiency and operational scalability and agility. OpenShift is so great it offers 5 months to pay back and boasts an 80% less unplanned downtime.

My last topic is around ensuring productivity is gained and not lost. Our Ansible automation platform allows our partners and customers to be productive, in fact 68% more productive. A relevant topic as we are required to do more with less. This introduces us a single tool that can be used across the organisation. Allowing for faster deployment times for new computers, networking devices and storage infrastructure. Ansible also extends itself to all areas of the IT stack and between business units making it more valuable by reducing IT tools to work smarter.

So, how do I bring this all together?  We look at what is on offer and how do we capitalise or capture the market opportunity? A broad question, but one that we can approach on your customer’s journey.

Are you just starting on your journey to digital transformation? Or perhaps adopted technologies that are in fact not working for you. Either way, we can meet you where you want us to be and develop the right strategy for you.

*Source IDC: The Economic Impact of Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Trillions, Yes Trillions, of Dollars White Paper, May 2019 & The Business Value of Red Hat Solutions and Cost Relationship to Unpaid Alternatives White Paper, July 2019.



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Blog: Helping Partners Grow

Recently, I came across an interesting article that had me thinking about “Helping Partners Grow” and what’s in it for my partner eco-system.

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