Video: The Red Hat Story

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Sales Space | 22 comments

Learn about the Red Hat Story. Who are Red Hat?


  1. Alexis Wainstein

    Well done Grant! Awesome video, congrats on all your achievements with Red Hat!
    Keep it up with the great work!
    Looking forward for more of your videos!

  2. Tristan Saxton

    Nice video team. Very informative and interesting to watch. Cheers

  3. Vincent Lau

    Great video & awesome work, easy to understand & informative.

  4. Carl Black

    Really interesting and engaging video mate! Looking forward to the the next one.

  5. Grant Olliff

    Good intro Grant, look forward to the series…
    Could be like Shortland St and run for years to come :-)

  6. Kirk Garlick

    Great to see Grant. Will be following this.

  7. Helen Chan

    Great overview Grant, interesting to learn a bit more about Red Hat’s model. Can’t wait to see the next one!

  8. Mike de Heer

    Well done Grant, awesome video, keep them coming

  9. Stuart

    Hey Grant, Now this, this I like! absolutely fantastic to see this initiative underway! – I will keep tuned to see what Red Hat gems are uncovered next – Great work!

  10. Steve Robinson

    Congratulations on a great initiative Grant. Looking forward to hearing more – keep up the good work!

  11. Ligia Human

    Nice work Grant, great delivery! I am sure the series is going to be epic

  12. Grace Curtis

    I am definitely keen to see more videos about RH. Great video.

    • Leon

      Great overview of a very exciting brand. Good work Grant.

  13. Karanvir Karanvir

    Well Done Mate!

  14. Quinten Oustrup Laureijs

    Wow, what a succinct and clear explanation of the red hat Open Source business model! Can’t wait to see more of this.

  15. Feliz Karnadi

    Great video, Grant! Open Source leads to faster innovation and Red Hat cares about its customers, partners, and always gives back to the community. Can’t wait to see more inspiring messages from the team.

  16. Sasi Chand

    Nice work Grant. Looking forward to seeing more.

  17. Ajay

    Short & to the point :)

  18. Sandre

    Amazing video with interesting content Grant. Well done on the great delivery!

  19. Jamie

    Great video!

  20. Azam Ali

    Great insight video Grant which summarizes very well about Opensource and Red Hat


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