Blog: Red Hat Solutions for the Hybrid Cloud

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When the cloud first emerged, ten to twelve years ago, many of the cloud providers said every application is going to the cloud tomorrow. Red Hat knew that wasn’t going to be practical. So 7 years ago Red Hat settled on a Hybrid Cloud approach to product design being the only practical way forward for the enterprise.

Customers are going to have applications running on bare-metal, going to have applications running on virtual machines, they’re going to build their own private clouds, and they’re going to want to scale across multiple clouds.

Customers recognise that having five siloed stacks is not very efficient for developers, for operators and for security. So alleviating those concerns is what Red Hat brings to the table.

Red Hat built an entire portfolio based on that premise and over the last 7 years, every product and solution they’ve produced is based on “how does it fit into a hybrid cloud architecture?”.

One of the reasons Red Hat never made their own public cloud was because they saw more value in bringing together all the pieces for a hybrid cloud footprint; leaving the choice of which provider or what infrastructure in the hands of the customer.

Red Hat thinks of OpenShift as their cloud platform, that is how they treat it, they build services on top of that, and the key difference is that it can run anywhere!


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Blog: Red Hat Solutions for the Hybrid Cloud

7 years ago, Red Hat really settled on a Hybrid Cloud approach to product design. They felt that was the only practical way forward for the enterprise.

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