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The Tech Space is designed to bring our partners concise technical information about Red Hat products and Technologies. We will be bringing you lower level information about Red Hat products, enabling you to understand some of the fundamental technologies and design concepts of Red Hat solutions.

From Automation Tools to Edge Deployments we will be bringing the latest on Enterprise Open Source technologies and how they can help your customers overcome technical challenges and achieve working solutions that improve business process.

We will be uploading frequent blog posts, videos, demos and other content to enable you to understand all things Red Hat!


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Zeb Carnell

Posts under Tech Space

Video: Red Hat Enterprise Linux vs Free Linux Alternatives

Zeb takes you through why Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the best option for commercial Linux use.

Video: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2+1 Promotion

Learn about the latest RHEL promotion from Red Hat. Buy a 3 year subscription and get a year for free.

Webinar: Windows Containers on Red Hat OpenShift – Technical Update

If you missed our recent webinar about Windows Containers on Red Hat OpenShift here it is.

Blog: “Machine Learning Remediation as a Service” with Red Hat Insights

Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes one key feature that no other enterprise OS on the market provides out of the box and that feature is “Red Hat Insights”.

Video: Modern Infrastructure with Managed Services (CCSP)

Learn about Red Hat’s Certified Cloud and Service Provider (CCSP) program and what infrastructure you need as a CCSP.

Video: Red Hat Team Merry Christmas 2020 (Bloopers Video)

From the Red Hat team at Ingram Micro we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope you have a wonderful holiday break with your friends and family!

Webinar: Red Hat Automation for Infrastructure and Service Providers

If you missed our recent CCSP and Automation webinar here it is. Feel free to get in touch with the team if you’d like more detail.

Blog: Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes

Red Hat recently announced the general availability of an exciting new product for managing Kubernetes across your hybrid cloud called ‘Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes’.

Blog: Red Hat Solutions for the Hybrid Cloud

7 years ago, Red Hat really settled on a Hybrid Cloud approach to product design. They felt that was the only practical way forward for the enterprise.

Video: Automating your Windows devices with Red Hat’s Ansible Automation Platform

Learn about managing your Windows Infrastructure using Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

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